Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From the "you are what you eat" category

There aren't too many people who are singing the praises of high fructose corn syrup these days. However, it seems like there might be another reason to avoid the stuff. According to a small pilot study published in Environmental Health journal some varieties might contain contain elemental mercury. The mercury is introduced into the product in one of the stages of manufacturing.

The punch line of the study is that since the average person consumes so much of this stuff on a daily basis there could be a problem with the amount of mercury ingested from this source. This would especially be a problem for children who would have more of a problem with it.

The study is located here. The study is open access which means that the full text is available to the public so if you are interested I suggest taking the time to read it. The Chicago Tribune also has an article about it here.

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