Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stunning Announcements

In a series of stunning announcements today two of the warring factions in the autism world have announced that they were in fact wrong and have kissed and made up, figuratively speaking of course.

The first announcement, made on behalf of Neurodiversity from the headquarters of Denial Incorporated stated that the movement was in fact incorrect in saying that autism is just a difference and that the only treatment needed is acceptance. Trevor from Right Matter Left Scatter had this to say "I don't know what we were thinking, autism really is a medical disorder and parents of children with autism should be treating their children." He went on to add "I guess we just had a bad reaction to that whole Wakefield incident and never looked back".

On the other side of the ideological war at Mercury Militia divisional headquarters General PK Handyman pronounced an end to the war against Big Pharma. He said "it seems that after the mercury was removed from vaccines the rates of autism did not go down. Perhaps we were hasty in concluding that the preservative was the cause of all cases of autism - I mean after examining the latest evidence it caused 10%, tops". He added "we still haven't figured out what is causing the rest of the cases, for all we know its genetic".

So with these unprecedented announcements the two sides have moved closer together than anyone ever thought possible and we are all hopeful that a truce can be maintained. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hee hee. Thanks for the April Fool's joke. I almost had heart palpitations there for a second.