Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Autism Science Foundation : Nice Blog

The Autism Science Foundation has started a blog. At least I am guessing that it is their official blog because it is mentioned on the front page of the organization's site -
Autism Science Foundation Launches New Blog
Join the Conversation!
I went to look at the blog because I was curious what this new organization has to say for itself. I had thought that it would be some press release type of thing or some reiteration of what the foundation hoped to accomplish. Or maybe even something about the first and only event that the foundation has sponsored.

I was so very wrong.

The first post on this new blog is an attack on Sharl Attkisson who is a reporter from CBS. Ms Attkisson had recently reported on some of the potential problems with Risperal when it is used in the treatment of autism. From the opening sentences of the post -
Reporter Sharyl Attkisson has had some outrageous pieces on the CBS Evening News, but her story Sunday night about risperdal has to be the most desperate. Apparently ridiculing the life-saving value of vaccines is not enough, and she has now moved on to poo poo the only drug FDA approved for children with autism, because, tragically, a handful of children experienced a well known, but highly unfortunate side effect; increased level of the hormone prolactin.
it was clear that this was going to be a fair, balanced, and most importantly, scientific retort to the information in the CBS report. After all, isn't part of the mission of the foundation that they will adhere "to rigorous scientific standards and values"? And what is a higher scientific value than calling a journalist names and calling their reporting "desperate" and "outrageous"?

Oh wait, that doesn't sound right.

I have to wonder if this post should be taken as an official statement from the ASF since they appear to have sanctioned this blog by linking to it from their site? Or is this what it appears to be on its face - a personal rant written by Alison Singer, the founder of ASF. Either way you slice it the ASF has PR problem in the making.

Can anyone imagine Autism Speaks putting something like this on a corporate blog?

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