Friday, July 17, 2009

Autism Science Foundation : Brought to you from a basement

There is a new post up over at the Autism Science Foundation's (ASF) pseudo-official blog that highlights an "article" in the "highly prestigious Science Magazine" about Dr London leaving Autism Speaks.

I was curious what they had to say, so I clicked on the link in the post and was taken to a page on the ASF's site talking about Dr Eric London which contained the following -
Science Magazine has published a comprehensive story about Dr. London's resignation, titled "Resignations Highlight Disagreement on Vaccines in Autism Group", in its July 10, 2009 issue. Full text of the article is available courtesy of Science Magazine.
Notice the article has become a "comprehensive story".

I dutifully clicked on the link expecting a full length, comprehensive article that went into the details surrounding Dr London leaving Autism Speaks and the issues involved. But instead what I found was a very short "News of the Week" blurb that that did little more than give a terse summary of the basic facts of why Dr London left.

Disappointed, I scanned the clip to see if there was anything that I had not seen before and I am glad that I did. Tucked away in the final paragraph is this little nugget -
In April, Singer cofounded a new group called the Autism Science Foundation to fund research, in particular small pilot projects—but not on vaccines. Singer declines to say how much money the group has raised so far, but she vows to keep overhead low; the organization is currently working out of her basement.
So the Autism Science Foundation's HQ is in Allison Singer's basement - that explains a lot.

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