Sunday, January 24, 2010

The smear campaign against Brian Deer?

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are reading material from the Internet and you run across a statement that renders you speechless?  I am talking about the type of statement were you have to go back and read in a second, third, or possibly fourth time because you just have to be reading it wrong.  The type of statement that is so at odds with reality that you are sure that the author must have typed it wrong because there is no way that they meant to say that.

Well, I just ran across one of those statements in something written on Left Brain Right Brain by Sullivan concerning the Dr. Wakefield and Brian Deer.  It said, and I quote -
Mr. Deer faces a pretty major smear campaign from Dr. Wakefield’s supporters. I can only expect it to get worse after the decision is handed down—whatever that decision may be.
The first time I read that statement, I thought I had read it wrong and transposed the names in my head.

The second time I read that statement, I looked for the punchline in the surrounding text.

The third time I read that statement, I finally glanced up at the source of the post in Google Reader, saw it was written by Sullivan on LBRB and thought to myself, "nah, that still has to be a mistake.  No one could seriously think that".

So I went to the source to confirm that the text actually said that, and lo and behold, it did.  The ever present reality distortion field at LBRB has now become a full-fledged war on reality where white is black and black is white and Brian Deer is the victim.

This is the same Brian "problem with their brains" Deer who has seemingly made it his mission to ruin Dr. Wakefield's life and livelihood.  This is the same Brian Deer whose complaints initiated the GMC proceedings against Dr Wakefield.  This is the same Brian Deer who continually publishes attack articles against Dr. Wakefield and, when asked to provide backing for this claims, is unable to do so.  When the PCC tells him to take the story down, he thumbs his nose at them.

But, by some distortion of reality, Sullivan has come up with the idea that it is Brian Deer who is being attacked and smeared?  By any measure of reality, it is Brian Deer who has it out for Dr. Wakefield.  Even if every single thing that Mr. Deer has said is true (doubtful), he is clearly out to get Dr. Wakefield by any means necessary.

Sullivan, whatever it is that you are smoking or drinking or doing, you may want to stop.  You are starting to hallucinate.


  1. Sullivan, Kev ... they just make it up as they go over there.

  2. At the rate they are going they will start claiming that autism is a good thing and shouldn't be cured.

    Oh wait, they already did that.

  3. I think they are refering to this film (a 1 hour epic)
    and the works of Martin Walker a writter who has attended the GMC almost everyday (arguably more that Deer himself).
    perhaps Brian answer some of the many concerns that this film raises.

  4. Hi MJ
    I saw your answer about flu vaccine - in AH-and I am interested on your ideas on the topic about several other recent reports available.
    Do you have a contact e-mail?
    Sorry, I did not find it. I know this is not the blog´s entry topic.
    If you have not, sorry if I disturbed you

  5. Mark,

    I have seen parts of the video and read some of what Martin Walker wrote but I think it would be a stretch to call either a smear campaign. I'm thinking it is just more nonsense from LBRB.

    Or in other words, business as usual.

  6. Maria,

    I have written a few posts on the flu that you can find here -

    but probably the best summary of what I am trying to say is here -

    You can feel free to leave a comment on anyone of those. Or if you prefer, I added an e-mail link on the left side of the page at the bottom under "Contact me".

  7. Poor Brian Deer! How awful that he is being attacked for spreading the "truth" about Wakefield. My heart bleeds for him...not!