Thursday, March 26, 2009

Are you Aware?

Next month is autism awareness month.  If this year is anything like last year there will be slew of news articles and reports about autism and all things related.  And it seems like the horse is out of the barn early this year, if this post on medical news today:
Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the U.S., affecting 1 in 150 children. Every 20 minutes, a child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Autism is more common than juvenile diabetes, childhood cancer and AIDS combined.
I have heard that statistic so many times that I forget what it really means.  It is strange that a condition that we didn't have a word for a hundred years ago can be so common now.

How is it that a condition this common and this disabling was overlooked until just the last century?

Must be all of the awareness...

Next month we are going to have a lot of "awareness".

I expect that we will be reminded that autism is genetic and the environment plays no rule.  I am sure that we will also be treated to yet more of the "expert" opinions of people like Dr Offit.  

We will hear from people who think the greatest challenge waiting for children with autism is acceptance from society.

We will also hear from other groups that feel that vaccinations,  rain, lack of Vitamin D, or some other environmental cause is responsible for the rise.  Or possibly something completely different.

We will be reminded that we don't really understand what autism is nor do have any real idea what causes it. 

In short there is going to be no end to what we will hear and who will be lining up to "raise our awareness".

I think the most important thing to be aware of next month is the reason that so many of us are so intense about the subject - 

Someone we care about has had their life changed by autism.

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  1. Yes I think that is the most important thing. Everyone knows someone.
    Best wishes