Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pediatrics About.Com blog recommends Neurodiversity

Over at the Pediatrics blog at we have a (cough, cough) review of Dr. Offit's "Autism's False Prophets" written by Dr Vincent Iannelli.  Well, review is too strong of a word, here is the review:
It is a must read for any parent who has questioned their decision about vaccinating their child, is delaying getting vaccines because of worries about reports of links between vaccines and autism, and blah blah blah......
Maybe calling at press release would be a better idea.

I have seen many of these style of "reviews" before, so this is nothing new.  What is new is buried in a comment by the good doctor:
This is not to say that some of these treatments might not help some children, but just that the book offers an alternative view about those treatments and introduces parents to websites like and Autism Diva.
In his comment he actually provides links to both sites.  Go read the rest of the comment to get the full context.  

I have never seen a pediatrician who actually recommends that parents read about the preachings of a group of people who think autism is just a difference and not a disorder.

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